Dry Firing allows a shooter to continually practice, maintaining and improving their skills while away from the range.

Laser Ammo's SureStrike™ turns the typical dry firing session into a powerful and rewarding learning experience where the shooter can easily recognize and correct any errors ingrained in muscle memory.

SureStrike™ helps shooters obtain a stable grip, control trigger squeeze, reduce response time and aid in obtaining perfect sight alignment and sight picture.

SureStrike™ eliminates the need for a dedicated training firearm as it can be loaded into any firearm to perform drills with immediate feedback that the shooter can see and hear!
SureStrike™ and our electronic targets and software create the perfect way to practice any number of combat or home invasion scenarios as well as IPSIC, IPDA, Fast Draw and Cowboy Action Shooting.

They can be used at home, the office, garage, or basement. Anytime, anywhere! And best of all – you will be saving time and money.

POM is the smallest 1/2 Oz. personal carrying unit available in the market. All units are made with FDA approved Polymer, a plastic product that is free from lead, toxins, and harmful chemicals.

Our formula, POM Clear, is a natural water-based formulation, refined to remove residual color and impurities. POM Clear is the strongest and safest formulation legal to carry in all 50 states @ 1.40% Major Capsaicinoids.

Models are available in three base colors (black, white, and grey) and eight patent pending band colors.POM offers over 27 design color combinations, allowing you to find the POM that fits your personal style.

Enhance your dry fire practice.

Create you own virtual home shooting range!!

POM Pepper Spray

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