Personal Safety Solutions guiding principle is to promote safe and responsible firearm ownership.  Our services provide individuals and groups various options for firearms and safety training.  We have classes ranging from basic firearms and safety classes, to more advance defensive firearms training.  We provide NRA certified courses, USCCA (US Concealed Carry Assoc) certified courses as well as specialized courses focused on defensive firearm use.

If you are looking for instructors who will help you feel comfortable and confident in owning and using firearms safely and responsibly, your search is over. Personal Safety Solutions is who you are looking for.

Instructor background:

Ed Bella is a multi-disciplined certified NRA instructor, a NRA range safety officer, USCCA Certified Instructor and a NROI certified USPSA range officer.  He has been a practical competition shooter for over 20 years.  He is also a Match Director for local practical pistol, steel challenge and multi-gun competitions.

Current certifications:

USCCA Concealed Carry

USCCA Basic Handgun

USCCA Home Defense
NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Defensive Pistol
NRA Home Firearm Safety
NRA Personal Protection in the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
NRA Basic Rifle
NRA Basic Shotgun
NRA Muzzleloading Rifle
NRA Muzzleloading Shotgun
NRA Range Safety Officer
NROI Range Officer

LASR Affiliate Instructor

AHA First Aid / CPR / Stop the Bleed Certified

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